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December 2017




At the beginning of December (8-9 Dec 2017) Ice Group sp. z o.o. organized Open Days dedicated to the presentation of the company, its current achievements and showing machines at different stages of production right at the company seat.

The guests of Ice Group during the Open Days included both suppliers and ice cream producers, not only from Poland, but also from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey and the Ukraine.

“Together we’ve achieved more than each of us ever before, supporting each other in crucial moments, despite partial disputes, to maintain a common, uniform course and defend it” – such were the words with which the President of the company, Leszek Arkadiusz Geratowski, addressed Mariusz Goik - the General Manager, vice-President and Co-owner, whose 50th birthday constituted yet another celebratory aspect of the Open Days.

The machines presented during the event included, among others, a complete pasteurization line Technomix 600, continuous freezers Frosto of capacities ranging from 600 to 1600 l/h, ordered by Clients in the United Arab Emirates and India, Master FF fruit feeders 1200, 2000 and 3000, Expert CRF and Jumbo Robot 6 – a robotized filling station for scooping tubs and family containers, also for the Client in Emirates, in-line filler Expert LVF, prepared to be sent to a Client in Iraq, Deserta i.e. ice cream log machine for a Client in Korea and a complete 10.000 extrusion line for stick products, ice cream cones, cakes and logs, as well as products fully coated with chocolate, such as ice cream bars and bon-bon candies, made for the Client in India. As a part of company presentation, the guests also got acquainted with the production management and control program “IPO System” and its functioning in practice.

The meeting at Ice Group was a unique opportunity to see the full production process, starting from designing, production of components and their assembly, until the final phase, including mechanical installation and pre-shipment tests of ready equipment. The guests had therefore a possibility to visit not only the Commercial and After Sales Departments, which they have everyday contact with, but also the Designing Department or Automation Engineers, responsible for Software. Moreover, they could see the daily work in Ice Group’s production rooms. The stay at Ice Group ended with a common meal prepared both for the invited guests and the company employees and in the evening, there was an official dinner party for the guests.

“The cooperation between the Supplier and the Buyer in relation to the construction of industrial ice cream machines is based first and foremost on trust, which I regard as absolutely indispensable in this relation” – this exceptionally accurate statement of the jubilarian, the 50-year-old with 25 years of experience in the ice cream business – Mariusz Goik – constitutes an excellent punchline to the meaning of the meetings on 8th and 9th December.

We hope that, as Ice Group, we not only haven’t let the trust of our Clients down in the last 25 years, but strengthened it, thanks to the increasing quality of our machines, constantly widening the production program and the growing number of Clients, as well as such events as Open Days in our seat.



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Athletics Meeting

October 2017


In marketing activities Ice Group company focuses mostly on ice cream business related events, to obtain the best possible commercial result.

In Silesia, a region typically related with heavy industry, i.e. coal mining, metallurgy, we represent a completely different sector - food industry. Our business activity is related with the production of equipment for industrial ice cream manufacturing, which is quite unique in this region. From this perspective, it would be completely unreasonable for us to engage in promotional event at a local scope, as they do not have any direct influence on our commercial result.
There is, however, one exception - Rybnik is Our City. It’s a city we work in, the city we identify with. Rybnik is a city visited by our Clients – guests invited by Ice Group to participate in machine shows, pre-shipment tests and other events, related with procedures which are part of executed contracts.

From this point of view, we feel enough motivation to invest in the future of our city, as what better way of shaping it, than by children, by youth, soon-to-be adults, properly prepared to “pick up the baton”. Therefore, we think it is very reasonable of Ice Group to engage in the sponsorship of educational and sports events, organized in Rybnik and directed at children and youth.
We encourage other companies from Rybnik to similar initiatives. By publishing on our website a photo relation from the sponsored event, we hope to draw attention of other potential sponsors.



Leszek Arkadiusz Geratowski
President of the Board and Commercial Director





Re-certification ISO

October 2017


In our constant efforts to increase the quality of our work, we successfully passed another recertifying audit of our Quality Management System in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 norm, conducted again by Intertek.    



January 2017


Our commercial partner and exclusive agent for the territory of Turkey, company Teknoproses has recently issued an article in the Turkish magazine Pekdo.





Modern Production Forum

November 2016

In November 2016 we participated in the Modern Production Forum organized by MM Conferences in Warsaw. Our Vice-President and General Manager, Mariusz Goik, presented the positive effects of implementing the production organization program “IPO System”.


Two years after finishing the IPO System implementation we see evident results in the form of production organization, increasing the effectiveness of planning and use of production resources. Moreover, the system translated into improving internal communication and coordination between particular divisions in our company on all stages of orders execution.





Październik 2016


In the sport season of 2016 Ice Group supported the junior of the Rybnik Speedway team Kacper Woryna. Despite his age, his achievements are impressive. Polish Club Pairs Championship 2014 80cc – 1st place, the Bronze Helmet Lublin 2014 – 3rd place, Team Speedway Junior Polish Championship 2015 Opole – 2nd place, the Bronze Helmet Rawicz 2015 – 2nd place, the Silver Helmet Pila 2016 – 1st place, Team Speedway Junior European Championship Pilzno 2015 – gold medal. We are happy that we can support his career, especially that we are literally neighbors and he makes our city famous also abroad, taking part in many international competitions and being the player in the English club Coventry Bees.





Re-certification ISO

September 2016

In our constant efforts to increase the quality of our work, we successfully passed another recertifying audit of our Quality Management System in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2000 norm, conducted again by Intertek.  



 Press releases







Ice Group company distinguished in Forbes’ Diamonds 2015



Ice Group company was distinguished in the prestigious ranking Forbes’ Diamonds of the Silesian voivodeship, organized by the Polish edition of American Forbes magazine.

The title of Forbes’ Diamonds 2015 was given to companies with the most dynamic value increase for years 2011-2013, taking into account both financial results and the property value of the company. The Swiss method of company value calculation used in the ranking enables also to measure the company potential, using the values of investments and capacity to increase sales and profits.

In the Silesian ranking Ice Group company came 24th in the category of small enterprises (sales income 5-50 million PLN) with 43% real sales value increase in years 2011-2013.

Forbes’ Diamonds ranking 2015 is available at:







Anuga exhibition 2015

march 2015





Sigep exhibition 2015
January 2015


Dear Ice Cream Lovers!



With the 36th edition of SIGEP over, we are back to work, ready to take on new challenges.

We would like to thank all of you, who took their time to stop by, see our machines and discuss interesting topics.

To fulfill the obligations taken during our meetings, we are now working intensely, going through the notes, preparing the promised materials and offers, which should be in your hands shortly.

We also already hope to see you in two months’ time in Cologne at the Anuga Food Tec show, which is our biggest and most important event this year.
You will be able to see there even more of our machines. We will be sending you details soon.







Ice Group Open Days 2014
September 2014



On the 5th and 6th of September we had Ice Group Open Days celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of the presence in the business, 10th Anniversary of the Ltd. company and the President’s, Arek Geratowski, 50th Birthday.


On the first day, Ice Group employees and Customers gathered by the company and celebrated in the presence of live music by Carratouhill.


On the second day, there was a trip to Wieliczka connected with visiting the salt mine and a festive lunch.


We would like to thank all who were with us during these days.








August 2014

ISO re-certification

In August, Ice Group company has undergone an ISO 9001:2008 re-certification audit in order to evaluate the conformance and effectiveness of the management system with applicable standard requirements for renewal of the certification as well evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system to ensure our company is continually meeting its specified objectives. The audit was successful and our ISO 9001:2008 has been extended for the next 3 years.



August 2014

Redesigning machines before season 2015 


In our constant efforts to improve the quality and functionality of our machine, in the last few months we have introduced many corrections, changes and amendments to their construction, mainly:
- avoiding closed profiles in the load-bearing constructions, replacing them with open profiles, C profiles or bent constructions, resulting eliminating gaps, dead ends, sharp edges and protruding elements, and this way increasing the hygiene standard and facilitating cleaning
- all top flat surfaces are presently slanted, which facilitates cleaning and prevents accumulation of water, dust or dirt, like it may happen in case of flat surfaces.
- new type and construction of safety shields, they are more hygienic, easier to clean, simpler in handling
- higher electrical standard and simpler operation, as well as more efficient diagnosis of potential malfunctions



July 2014
New Production Management System "IPOsystem" already implemented!


We have the pleasure to inform you that Ice Group has finished the process of implementing a production management system with the functions of independent production plans preparation, direct steering of production resources, automatic production process feedback gathering, creating and managing production patterns, simulation of orders execution time, managing staff work quality and efficiency, automatic and current control of production in progress, supporting technological processes, analysts supporting strategic planning processes, settling employees working time.


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The system ten has tools to exchange data with our current systems (ERP, CAD/CAM etc.). We have decided to invest in software called “IPOsystem” (Intelligent Production Organization System) and we can tell IT specialists that the system prepared by the company UIBS Teamwork system is the first intelligent system in the world, which automatically reacts to any event having influence on the validity of production schedule and, through an in-built MES system, directly and independently controls the work and allocation of resources (employees, machines and materials) in the production room. As opposed to the solutions applied up to now, IPOsystem does not only gather data and support production planning, but most of all it independently makes decisions concerning the organization of the production process without the participation of planners and persons from the production room supervision.


Currently, apart from 50 licenses for office employees, we also have two terminals which give orders to each production employee. These terminals are equipped with touch-screen panels displaying the description of each order with the possibility of quick overview of e.g. details drawing or 3D assembly drawing. The terminal allows printing each order and gathers and forwards feedback from the employees (for example about the reason of work interruption, breakdowns or inconsistencies).

The implementation of the program has improved communication, quality and efficiency of our production, and increased the planning precision, and thus the punctuality of deliveries to our Customers.

You can find out more about IPOsystem here: www.iposystem.com.pl





May 2014

Our representative in Turkey Teknoproses company has moved into their new seat. We wish the entire company happiness and best of luck!





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Ice Group's President's lecture at the Inter-Ice 2013 congress


The bi-annual Inter-Ice congress organized by ZDS Solingen took place in Cologne in the Koelnmesse grounds.

Ice Group's President and Commercial Director, Arek Geratowski, was one of the speakers and his lecture was about industrial ice cream products with artisanal image, produced thanks to Ice Group's machines from the Ice-Art range.

The congress was accompanied by a foyer exhibition, where the participating companies could display their products and services. Ice Group also had a stand in the foyer exhibition, showing the Jumbo Robot machine, being a part of the Ice-Art range. 





"Machine Level Participant" status in the Rockwell Automation OEM program


In 2013 our company has tightened the cooperation with Rockwell Automation, the world renown producer of, among other, controllers and control panels of Allen-Bradley make, which resulted in receiving the prestigious status of Machine Level Participant in the Rockwell Automation OEM program (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

This status allows Ice Group company to take advantage of extended training opportunities, as well as the latest technical solutions in the first instance, consultations with Rockwell Automation in the scope of technical design, as well as support in implementation of modern solutions.




The first project executed together with Rockwell Automation was the conversion of Rapid 9000 (model for 2014) from B&R to Allen Bradley. In this project, we applied Allen Bradley components both in terms of the control system (controller, operator panel, servodrives), as well as low-voltage equipment of the electric box. The software was created with the use of the PackML standard programming technique. The aim of this project was the unification of the electrical and electronic part, which allows to fulfill the Customers high requirements and highest standards referring to safety, hygiene and software security. Thanks to the ethernet mode of eWON S.A. company from Belgium, recommended by  Rockwell Automation, the machine controller can be connected to the local network, which allows to observe the working parameters of the machine from any computer in the Customer's factory. When all appropriate requirements are fulfilled, the machine can also be remotely observed over the Internet, which allows us, as the producer of the machine, to remotely diagnose possible errors in the machine work and correct them.




ISO certificate sustained


On the 02.08.2013 Ice Group has been audited for the compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. The audit's result was a positive recommendation  of the leading auditor. The continuity of the certification has been sustained and the certificate with the number 18110809001 is considered valid.




New vertical machining centre Dugard Eco 1500

August 2013

In the efforts to continuously increase quality and expand our machinery park in the machining department, in order to increase control and fasten our delivery times for both new machines and spare parts, Ice Group company purchase a new vertical machining centre with table work scope 1500 mm and the latest control system of Fanuc company.

Article about Ice Group in Heladeria Panaderia Latinoamericana



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New 650 square meter production hall opening


In 2013 we have finished the project called „Starting serial assembly of own construction innovative machines with use of intelligent industrial production organisation system" realized under the Silesian Voivodship Regional Operational Program for 2007-2013, Priority: Research and development (R+D), Innovations and enterprise; Activities: 2 Micro-enterprises and SME, Sub-activities 4: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

The project's idea was expansion of the factory by a new production hall, implementation of a innovative system for production and resources management under the name of IPOsystem (Intelligent Production Organization System) of Dynamic APS class.
Thanks to the executed project, we have launched serial assembly of 6 new innovative products - machines of our own construction:


ASTRA 4 - large-size production line,
ASTRA 8 - large-size production line,
ASTRA 16 - large-size production line,
EXPERT SRF (Standard Rotary Filler) version for cups and cones,
Expert SRF (Standard Rotary Filler) version for family tubs,


The surface of the new production room is  625,94 square meters.

We have invited all employees with families, local suppliers and cooperating companies to the opening ceremony. The guests were entertained by Carrantuohill, a Rybnik band playing traditional Celtic music and Irish folk known and playing concerts in all Europe.



July 2012


October 2012


December 2012




March 2013



Production hall opening photos:





 ONE-POT Program - Cuba 2012






New line of economic machines in Ice Group

 added: 04.11.2012



In 2012 Ice Group launched new economic machines’ offer: Easy-In.

The offer is aimed at Customers, for whom low price is the priority.

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  • Easy-In is a line of cost-efficient, budget-friendly machines.


  • They are simplified devices, with limited universality, meaning they are adjusted to the basic products and may not be possible to be refurbished for different products. Only typical, common products are possible, no special effects, like swirling dozers - Star 3000, Cobra or American Ice Cream.


  • Easy-In machines contain no servo-technology, they are strictly mechanical.


  • The machines are as simplified as possible, also in relation to controls (no touch screen or black & white simple touch screens, only Siemens or B&R, Allen Bradley is not available).


  • However, the construction materials are still top quality – all stainless steel, no aluminium, Festo, Schneider, Telemecanique components.



• EASY-IN continuous freezer 350, 550 – semi-automatic continuous freezers
• EASY-IN filling, decorating station – formerly known as Jumbo Multi in our Main Range
• EASY-IN bulk extruding station – formerly known as Cut Extruder in our Main Range
• EASY-IN extruding line - counterpart of Iglo Line extruding and hardening tunnel
• EASY-IN rotary cup cone filler - counterpart of Expert CRF
• EASY-IN linear cup cone filler - counterpart of Expert LVF
• EASY-IN ingredient feeder - counterpart of Master FF
• EASY-IN batch pasteurisations (300, 600, 1200 l/h)
• EASY-IN ageing tanks



The prices of Easy-In machines are fixed at a low level and not negotiable.

The payment terms are always 40 / 60 % cash wire t